Ask the Patent Attorney

Ask the Patent Attorney

It is said that patent attorneys are scientist by nature. Correct! I am working with the discipline of science as well as language and law. I am the one who guides the companies or the individual inventor all the way through the necessary process to be able to gain the patent. We help inventors gain protection for their ideas.

As a patent attorney, I am often asked, “Can I patent this idea?” Of course, our answer is yes! As you know, by the time you ask a scientist, he will definitely answer you scientifically. The real question is, “Should I patent this idea?” Understand that both questions which are “Can I patent this idea?” and “Should I patent this idea?” will have a different answers.

To question answer the question, “Should I patent this idea?”, there are several  important things to consider.

  • How big is the market?
  • How high is the demand?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • How easy it is to find out if someone copies your idea?

The answers for these questions must rely on both legal and business principles. The answers must be well-researched. It is important to come up with a concrete answer. These factors are very significant where in it can affect a big portion of the business if either of these factors are overlooked.

Aside from being a patent attorney, I also have my MBA and I can offer tremendous value to my clients in both patent and business matters. I currently work with dozens of start-up companies in my area helping them with their patent and intellectual property needs.  Should you need assistance in protecting your ideas with a patent, please feel free to contact me: